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Research wing

SME Foundation has been conducting various activities for fostering SME growth as well as sustainable development in the country. Research is one of the major activities of SME Foundation. Since the inception of SME Foundation, the research wing started research activities on different areas of SME Development to develop and design sector-specific intervention and to formulate effective strategies for spurring the SME growth in the country.

The primary goal of ‘Research Wing’ is to conduct studies on different SME Sectors in line with Industrial Policy and SME Policy strategies. The objective of conducting sector studies are to find out the present status, identify the constraints and challenges, and figure out the intervention strategies. Apart from sector studies, Research wing is responsible for collecting and upgrading necessary SME related data and other information.

Research wing also organize national consultation on different areas of SME development. The wing also starts publication of a Journal (International Journal of SME Development) on annual basis focusing various dimensions of SME Development.
Research wing already have conducted seven (7) sector studies namely-
1. Agro-processing/Agribusiness/Plantation Agriculture/Specialist Farming/Tissue Culture
2. Designer, Aesthetically Challenging, Personal Wear & Effects
3. Electrical & Electronics
4. Leather Making & Leather Goods
5. Plastics & Other Synthetics
6. Light Engineering & Metal Working
7. Software Development Sector

The wing has also conducted SME cluster mapping study and identified 177 MSME clusters throughout the country. The wing also conducts and publishes reports on various current potential subject matters related to SME development. Research wing also work with donor organizations for SME related research activities.